Are you one of those that getting outside just makes you feel so much better? Oh I certainly am. The sunshine on my face. The wind blowing through my hair. Oh even if it is our gusty Texas Panhandle "breeze". You know what I am talking about.

A lot of us looked for ways to get outside more this summer. We took advantage of the fact that we have Palo Duro Canyon just down the road. Did you take a trip out there this summer? Or did you take a lake day?

Did you head out to Lake Meredith or Greenbelt? A lot of people said "heck lets take a day away and do a little fishing." Have you noticed that when you go outside and do some fun activity in the sun you tend to feel a little like a kid again. Something we could all use in 2020.

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You may have even grabbed your kids and a kite. Luckily we never lack for a day without wind. Sometimes though it can be a bit too much. It doesn't matter all the laughs and fun as you get that kite up in the sky out in Medi Park. We can't help but feel a bit younger.

We also saw a lot of people finding a shortage of bikes and swimming pools this summer. We were getting out in our backyards and neighborhoods a lot more. Splashing around in a pool was just what the doctor ordered. Yep. Or going as a family for a bike ride around City View. What fun and reminder of a much simpler time for us parents.

So whatever we did we found a way to shake up our new normal. We spent more time at home but we also spent more time as a family. That of all things was great on our mental health. What did you find yourself doing this summer that you haven't done in a while? Comment below.

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