Since a lot of people have spent a lot of time working from home this past year there have been some issues. We find ourselves working longer hours. We may not move around as much. We may not have a reason to leave our make shift desk.

That means we are also spending a lot more time staring at that computer screen. We have a hard time shutting it off. Have you noticed your eyes giving you more trouble. Going to the eye doctor is that trip I dread. He is a great person, that is not why. I just can tell my eyes just seem to get worse and worse. So I know I am in this category of eye issues due to the pandemic.

What can you do to make things easier and your next eye doctor appointment not so bad? Make sure you have natural light in your house. This is one that I think I am guilty of. My computer is on my kitchen table. That table is right by a window but I don't keep my curtains open. That is something I have to change starting today. The more natural light you have the better.

We also need to take more breaks. I know this. You know this. Now we just have to remember to set an alarm. When that alarm goes off then step away from your computer screen. Even better if you go outside for a few minutes. That will help a lot of things. Your eyes, your mental state, your happiness. Heck if you can go take your dogs for a quick walk, even better.

How far is that work monitor from you? You need to check it out. You need to make sure that you stay about two feet from you computer screen. It is really hard on your eyes if you are any closer. I will have to check that out too. I may be breaking this rule too. I may be setting myself up for failure. I don't need any more help on damaging my eyes.

Make sure you also make those yearly trips to the eye doctor. That is the best way to keep your eyes in shape.


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