Do you get up right away when that pesky alarm goes off? Come on tell the truth. Or do you snooze?

Well if you do snooze you could actually be losing some valuable time. As crazy as it sounds that time does add up.

You could be losing up to six entire days  every year just by snoozing according to a new study.

This study found that about 36% of participants hit the snooze button an average of four times every morning. Do the math here. Each snooze is nine minutes. That is 36 lost minutes a day. That is three hours a week. For a total of 6 days (based on a 48 week standard working year).

Hopefully you don't actually snooze that long. If you do snooze even twice a day that is 18 minutes a day. So an hour and a half a week. Even that is wasting your time. That is wasting 3 entire days of your life.

So unless you do get straight up you are snoozing your life away. Maybe make your goal for 2019 to get up and get moving.

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