Did you have a drink or two over the weekend? If so there is some good news for you. I mean if you need another reason to drink. If the idea or work, family and screaming kids is not enough of a reason. I have another one.

It can actually help you live longer. I know! Right? If you drink a beer a day it can almost double a man's chances of living to be at least 90. I know. There was actually research done to prove this.

Women don't fear you were not left out of the study. Having a drink a day increases your chances to make it to 90 by about one-third. So good news all around.

In the study it did find that the best results happened if you drink about 8 ounces of beer a day. Don't worry if you put down more than that. Even if you have a few beers you are still in that group that will be more likely to live to be 90. More likely than those that don't drink at all. So kudos to us drinkers I guess. We are going to have quite a long and happy life.

So here is to knowing that drinking in moderation is good for our heart....and good for us living to a ripe old age.


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