It seems like everywhere we go we run across the dilemma. Do we need to tip the employees? When is it appropriate? When are we ok just skipping that process.

They will not let you tip the employees that bring out your groceries at United Supermarkets. Sometimes I feel they are the ones that need it the most. They are dealing with pushing those carts out no matter the weather.

Do You Need to Tip at Sonic?

Sonic is another place that people have debated for years. Do we need to tip or no? My thoughts are if you go through the drive thru than the answer is no. If you go and order from the stall....or your app and someone has to bring out your food, then yes.

Yes, you should tip. They do make sure your order is correct. They do walk the food to your car. They will also make sure they have their tray with any condiments you will want or need.

If you stay there to eat they will stop back by and check on you. Yes, you should tip. You should really only use the drive thru at Sonic if you are just ordering drinks or ice cream. If you are ordering food than pull into a stall. Don't make the people wait behind you at the drive thru while your burger is cooking. Don't be that person.

OK so as far as tipping goes it seems not only does Sonic agree but at least the majority of their app users agree. They finally made it possible to tip using the app. Which to me is a win. I always felt bad ordering and paying through the app and not being able to tip. I mean I never have cash.

credit: Sonic
credit: Sonic

I was thrilled when I saw this because now I can go to Sonic and not feel the guilt. What are your thoughts about tipping at Sonic?

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