Do you feel really stressed out about work? Do you think that the signs of stress are obvious? Sometimes they are not.

You may even at this moment be stressed out because of work and you don't even realize the signs. Here are some things to look for....

Do you find yourself just working through the day without stopping for anything. Not a lunch. Not a break. Or do you find just running to the bathroom real fast to be your one luxury a day? If you find yourself in this situation you may be stressed out at work.

Do you look at the clock and count down to when you can have a drink? Is this a daily thing? I know Happy Hour should be fun and relaxing but if you NEED the drink that could be a sign of stress.

Do you have a hard time concentrating? Do you eventually just zone out at work? If so you have too much of the stress hormone cortisol in your system.So yes you are highly stressed.

Do you have a hard time sleeping at night? Do you stare at your phone a lot hoping you can fall asleep? Again stress hormones can keep you up at night. Having the TV on or staring at your phone will make it worse. The blue light from your phone and TV blocks the sleep hormone melatonin. Lack of sleep also equates to too much stress from work.

If you wind up with a lot of headaches it could be all the tension you are feeling at work. If you find yourself popping aspirin to try to deal with those headaches it may be all related to stress.

So see you may be fighting off the stress from work and you didn't even know it.

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