Stress, stress all around. We found out a few ways to combat it. Is there more that we can do? Of course. Stress causes so many negative outcomes in our life. Our bodies turn against us. Our brain can't shut off. We can't sleep so we end up just wearing down.

We need to break away from the stress. Here are a few more ways to end it. You can try to repeat a mantra. Sometimes just the positive thoughts are enough. Fake it until you make it. Think of some positive words. Write them down and say them aloud.

Remember everything you have been through to get to this place. We have done a lot, we have seen a lot. We got through all of that so we will get through this too. Think about something you made it through. Realize you are resilient you are.

You need to write down a schedule and stick to it. If you have a schedule you will not feel so out of control. A schedule give you a routing and a sense of normalcy.

What are you thankful for right now? There are good things in your life. Think of your kiddos. The life accomplishments you have made it through. Maybe you have great health. Think of a few things you are grateful for and focus on them. Just look for the reasons to make you smile.

Right now is the time to lean on your friends and family. Sometimes just having someone to vent with....having someone to talk laugh with. That can relieve a lot of your stress right there. So plan a girls night out or a phone session. See how much better you will feel afterwards.

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