Are you passionate about working out? Maybe you are and maybe you are not. Are you passionate about your favorite sports team?

I bet a lot more said yes to this one. The good news is that if you are wanting to get a workout in but hey there is a great game this afternoon. You are going to be happy about this new study.

It has been determined that watching your favorite team play is almost as much of a workout for you as playing the sport. Now know that this may be a little bit of an exaggeration.  A little bit.

You have to be passionate about the team though. It can't just be any ol' game. If you are watching a game and you are hooping and hollering. Yes, your family may look at you strange but you are getting in a workout.

Your heart rate increases while watching YOUR team by up to 64% higher than normal. That kind of increase can be equal to going for a 90 minute walk. So while you are watching your team you are getting a moderately paced cardiovascular workout.

More good news is that if your team wins there are even more health benefits. You will get yourself a psychological boost that will last for a whole day. Oh and even your blood pressure goes down.

On the flip side though, is if your team loses. The outcome is not so great. As you know you usually go into a depression. That depression can be equal to what you go through when someone close to you passes.

So, get into the game you are watching. Get up and holler and scream. Oh and let's hope for a victory too. That is when you get the biggest and best health benefit.


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