I am so glad I am not one that has massive allergies. I could not even imagine being allergic to something I love. My daughter has a friend who is allergic to chicken. Chicken! So she can't have Chick-fil-a. I mean how cruel is that?

Well imagine being allergic to cats and dogs. I know that a lot of people are. I have both at my house. So I just couldn't imagine. There actually is some good news if you are allergic to dogs.

Research has been done and it is possible that maybe you are only allergic to male dogs. I know that sounds crazy too. Here is the deal. It turns out that 30% of people allergic to dogs are only just allergic on one specific protein that male dogs have in their prostate.

It's called "Can f 5". Now there is a test you can take to see if in fact that is what you are allergic to. If it turns out you do have that allergy than guess what? You may not be allergic to girl dogs at all. That is some good news.

There are some male dogs also that still may be OK for you even if you are allergic. If a dog was neutered at a young age they may still be OK in your home.

When a dog is neutered early on in his life their prostate gland doesn't fully develop. If that does happen than they will not produce that protein that you're allergic to. So you can take the test. Or maybe even hang around female dogs for a bit. See if you still have those allergy problems.

If all that fails get a hypoallergenic dog. I mean I sure couldn't imagine living without mine.

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