On a hot summer day you know you need to stay hydrated. Even after a workout it is important. What drink do you think is the best to grab?

Maybe a Gatorade? Nope that is not the right answer. I know....how about Pedialyte? It seems to be something the doctors want you to give your child. Is that the right answer? Still no. Oh it has to be water. Plain and simple....water! Still no.

So what is the best drink if you are trying to stay hydrated? It may seem weird but the most hydrating thing you can drink is actually skim milk.

Here is the thing. Most people think it's water but plain water goes straight through us because it doesn't have any of those nutrients we need. It also doesn't have those electrolytes to help our bodies absorb the water. So we just end up with an added trip to the restroom.

Skim milk is made up of about 91% water but it also is made up of sugar, sodium, protein and a little bit of fat. Because of all of that it helps that water to get absorbed into your body.

If you are looking to stay hydrated for a long period of time it is important to know that drinks with a ton of sugar like soda's and juice do not hydrate you as well as water will.

If you drink something with a high amount of sugar as soon as it hits your small intestine they start pulling water out of your body. So the lower the sugar the better. When all else fails grab a water.





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