It isn't all that uncommon to walk in a store and see this happen. We end up seeing a lot of people with earbuds in ears. It seems a lot of people just want to listen to music or a podcast to get through that task.

Heck I walk around work and see it too. People jamming to music while they are going through their countless emails. I hate to be the bearer of bad news though.....and I am not even sure that this will stop anyone anyway.

Apparently if you wear any kid of earbuds too much it can actually lead to ear infections.

Not the good news you were hoping for I am sure. Here is the problem. They block your ears' natural functions. Our ears are supposed to get rid of buildups of dirt, sweat, dead skin, oil, hair and way.

If you wear earbuds enough that yuckiness doesn't get cleaned out. If the stuff gets backed up just enough that is when the ear infections can happen.

So the takeaway is to give your ears a break. I know you love to listen to music. I get it. I do too. You just don't want to be on the losing end of an earache.

You can still listen to music. I am all for that. Just you may need to get into a car or listen off of speakers. Just listen someway that doesn't mean you have to ave those ear buds in your ears causing all sorts of trouble.


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