We go to the store and buy our weekly grocery list. Our hopes are high that we will use it all before it goes bad.

A lot of times we end up ditching some unrecognizable stuff later in the week.

That hope is gone. There are some foods that you should never put in the freezer. Some are for health reasons and some just will not taste the same.

One thing is meat that you have already taken out to eat and realize you will not get to it. Don't put it back in the freezer. You could end up getting sick from it. Once it is thawed it already is starting to grow bacteria. If you go ahead and put it back in anyway the freezer won't kill the bad stuff. So you could end up sick.

Once you open up a can of coffee don't bother freezing it. If you do the freezer creates condensation once it is open. That will affect the taste. Once it has been opened leave it at room temperature.

Don't put eggs that are in the shell in the freezer. The liquid inside will expand and can crack the shell. If that happens you are just asking for bacteria to grow. I wouldn't try and risk it.

If you buy a lot of milk and think freezing it can help, especially when it is on sale, don't plan on drinking it. Freezing it and than thawing it out makes it lumpy. You can use it in recipes though.

If you go to the store and avocados are on sale and you buy a ton. Well plan to eat a lot or share them. Don't have the intentions of keeping them longer in the freezer, you will be disappointed. The freezer will just ruin the texture. You will not have that delicious creaminess that you have grown to love. So just don't do it!

What other food items should you not put in the freezer? Comment below.

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