How generous are you? Do you find yourself being a very giving person? If so I have good news for you. Being generous could be the secret to a long and happy life. So if that is the route you are looking for you need to up your game.

Do you volunteer your time? Do you give money to charities? Do you try to help those less fortunate than you? Well if so that is such a great start.

You may be one that volunteers when needed for the High Plains Food Bank. Maybe your passion is giving to the Downtown Women's Center. The more giving you are could help you live longer.

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Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands actually found a connection that shows the amount of money people give away helps with how long they live.

Countries like France and Japan have the longest life expectancy. They also have the highest number on average of personal money transfers. These people are giving. They share almost seventy percent of their lifetime income. Wow.

Though it is nice to help out all the non profits in the area that you can there is some good news. Your generosity does not have to mean you give all your money to charities or even people you don't know.

You have heard that charity starts at home, correct? If you are generous and help out your own kids and family that counts. You have a child that was unemployed during the pandemic? Have you been helping them? Hey good news is that counts too.

So why is this the case? How can giving out your money to help others help you live longer in the long run? Well they think that being generous helps you connect with people. Those connections can help you be happier and even healthier. When your life is more happiness than sorrow you tend to live longer.

So here is to helping who you can, when you can.

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