Another week and another chance to eat healthy. This may be something we have been struggling with for some time. We do pretty good for a few days. We start to feel better and then something comes up. A meal that you know you won't have many healthy choices.

Oh and then there may even be dessert. You know you are going to be adding way too many calories. How will a cheat day to that magnitude effect you overall? Will it totally destroy anything you are trying to do?

The answer is most likely no. You will be OK. I mean as long as it is really just one or two days of crazy eating. You are better off only having one high calorie day to make sure you are not sabotaging everything you have done.

I mean I had a birthday recently. I up to that point had lost about 12 pounds. I have been doing so good. Then the birthday approached. My daughter came to town....and of course we went out to eat a few times. We had dessert. I mean what do you do?

So after this past weekend I was so worried that I just destroyed all that I have worked on for so long. I mean I went out to eat A LOT. I went to Walk On's twice....Joe Taco Downtown, and Beef O'Brady's. I got on the scale yesterday morning....and you know what? It wasn't as bad as I feared. In fact I didn't really do anything to destroy my weight loss attempts. So then I decided again to tempt fate this morning.

I got back on the scale and no harm no foul. So it's can have your cheat day. You can eat those insane amounts of calories and it really is OK. As long as you don't make a habit out of it you are going to be fine. I feel that life has just gotten a bit more on the fair side.


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