It may be our goal to figure out how to live a long life. We strive for that. So we eat healthy. We try to exercise. We plan on getting all the sleep that we need. We try to make smart decisions. The key to a long life is it happiness?

Well that really can be part of it. We are happy when we lose the weight that we want. Let's face it a lot of time we end up putting some of it back on. It may be because we stress eat. That sure doesn't make us happy or live a long life.

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It could be that we get to the time of year that everyone tends to eat a bit more. We join in the holiday eating. This month has two of those events. We had that Big football game this past weekend. This weekend we have Valentine's Day. It is hard to go out and celebrate events like that without putting on a few pounds.

That maybe ok though. The key to living a long life could be getting a bit chubby as you get older. That sounds great. Now the key could be adding a few extra pounds. This is not a full out get out permission to eat whatever you want, when you want. You can not get obese.

This just means that you may not have to worry about being at your goal weight. It is OK to start off your adult life at an average weight and then slowly put on some pounds. That may not be all that bad. It may even be the key to your happiness and your longer life.

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