What do we really want? To be happy? If you said yes. You could be right. When do we feel our best?

According to a new survey we tend to be our happiest between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm. That is because we finally get home and spend some time unwinding from work. If we look at our time on the weekend we get in a better mood earlier. The happy mood starts around 11 am.

If you need something to help you instantly get in a good mood we are here to help. A good night's sleep in a no brainer here. I mean don't we feel immediately happier once we wake up after one of the best nights of sleep? Probably because those don't happen too often.

We immediately also start to feel happier once the sun comes out. That bright sunshiny day really makes a difference with our attitude.

If you just need to instantly feel better about anything why don't you try to go for a walk. Bonus points if you can get outside in the sun. Again every little bit helps.

Do you also find that when someone you like and feel comfortable with gives you a hug. You feel a lot better about things. A good hug can do that.

Here is one thing that makes people feel better right away. It's one of the things on the list that we can't make happen for ourselves but when it does. Oh man! Have you ever put on a coat from last season and reached in the pocket to find money there? How good did that make you feel?

So do we need to periodically grab some money and stash is all over the house? Doesn't sound like a bad idea. Especially if you can forget about it. Someday along the way you will find it and be happy. Well I mean if someone else in your family doesn't find it first.

Is there anything else that you can think of that instantly puts you in a great mood? Comment below.

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