Are you able to get through a day of work without caffeine? Seriously, can you?

If you can not face the day without your daily intake of coffee, coke, tea or energy drink it's ok. You are not alone.

According to a new survey the average worker puts down an average of two and a half caffeinated drinks every single day. So if you do the quick math that adds up fast. That is a total of 12 or 13 drinks per week.

Why do you think we need so much caffeine? Is our work really that grueling? Or do you think that maybe it's because as a society we are having so much trouble sleeping? Yeah, I think the lack of sleep is a big part of it.

It seems like a vicious cycle. We need the caffeine to get through the day because we are not sleeping. We are not sleeping because we drink so much caffeine through the day. How and when does that end?

We actually feel like at least 2 days out of the week we are not operating up to par. That problem again is tied into our lack of sleep. Even if we try to catch up on sleep during the weekend that doesn't seem to help.

I mean it does for the short term. We feel great on Saturday and Sunday....then Sunday night comes and we can't get back to sleep. That normal Sunday night "I can't sleep" ritual then starts our Monday off on the wrong foot.

We have to reach for more caffeine and there that cycle continues. How can we break that cycle? I'm going to try this myself. Sleep without an alarm on Saturday. Sleep as much as your body needs.

Do not do that on Sunday. Limit your sleep a bit on Sunday so that you are actually a little tired Sunday night. If you can get to bed Sunday night you may wake up Monday all refreshed. You can limit those cups of coffee and start your sleep pattern for the week off to a great start.

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