You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? I mean our parent's told us that A LOT growing up.

With that in mind. How often do we actually eat something for breakfast? The thing is our bodies, in the morning, are needing fuel for energy. So if we don't eat breakfast we will not have as much energy....just like a car without gas.

So our eating habits round out this way:

The average American only eats breakfast 3 times per week. A whopping 13% of us almost never do. That comes out to be about 1 in 8 who DON'T eat anything for breakfast.

Most people say that their favorite breakfast meal is eggs, followed by coffee, and cereal. The hot new trend of avocado toast made it as a favorite. Oh and bacon. Who doesn't like bacon!

Avocado on toast
credit: Getty Images

I say let's make a piece of toast with eggs, avocado AND bacon with a cup of coffee on the side. That sounds like a breakfast of champions. It would definitely get our bodies the fuel that it is needing.

If you are one that eats breakfast it usually averages out that you can work on average 50 minutes longer before you need a snack break.

So it seems to be true. If you do eat something for breakfast you will have the energy to work longer than those who don't. So why are you skipping breakfast? Is it a time factor? Do you just not like breakfast?

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