A well balanced meal is important. It's easy to get those meats, cheeses, fruits and breads into the diet. It really is. The one place parents have a hard time is with the vegetables.

We want our kids to eat healthy. We put some in front of our kids and they just don't seem to touch them. How can you get your kiddos to eat more vegetables? There was a study done recently that found you can get them to eat more vegetables by overwhelming them with veggies.

How does this work. Well in the study one group put one type of vegetable on their plate. The other group give their kids a lot of different vegetables on their plate. They found out that the kids with lots of veggies ended up eating twice as much of the vegetables as the other kids.

During this ongoing study they also discovered that the kids who got extra veggies to choose from for at least 3 months ended up developing more of a taste for vegetables. They even ended up eating larger portions of vegetables.

So overwhelming the kids turns out is the true winning way of getting them on their way to loving their vegetables.

Is there another way you have been successful with getting your kids to eat their vegetables? Share with us below. Are you going to try this method? Let me know.



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