This summer has been pretty warm. Hot even. A lot of the country had an actual heat wave.

I feel that we are not done. It's only August so more hot days are ahead of us. Here are some safety tips on the warm days.

If you don't have air conditioning make sure you have somewhere to go during the hot part of the day. You can head over to Westgate Mall to get out of the heat. Or grab an early dinner somewhere. Take an afternoon to check out a good book at an Amarillo library.

This should be a no brainer but never leave your kids or pets alone in a car. It takes no time for the temperatures to raise to dangerous levels. If they are outside make sure they have plenty of water.

Speaking of water make sure everyone stays hydrated even if you don't feel thirsty. It can really sneak up on you. Avoid the use of caffeine and alcohol during the hot times.

You should eat smaller meals more often to keep up your energy. Try that instead of eating 2 or three big meals.

If you happen to work outside during the summer and these hot temperatures it is important that you take lots of breaks.

Summer is a fun time but you also have to be aware of the hotter days. Do you have any tips for keeping cool? Comment below.


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