I know last winter a lot of people got sick. It seems that time of years brings it on. I feel though that a lot of people got sick and now think that they may have had the coronavirus already.

What are some of the signs that you have or had it. It really seems ever day we are learning more and mare about the symptoms. Heck and even some people are asymptomatic. They never had any symptoms but they were still able to give it to others. This is a really tricky sickness.

So what were some of the symptoms that people had? Some said they felt like they had the flu but they never had a fever. They had all the aches and pains. They were not able to smell anything. Oh and some had chest pains.

Then there were others who had gastrointestinal issues. Their stomach was all messed up but they still had the aches and pains. They still had that loss of smell. They spent a lot more time in the bathroom with those stomach pains.

This is why this is such a tricky illness because that is not all. There are others that feel like they have the flu and they also have that high fever to go along with it. These people don't feel like they can eat anything. Their sense of smell is gone. Oh and that sore throat. It's hard to tell the difference in some of these symptoms. Do I have the flu or covid?

Some people just feel really tired. Have you had an illness that started off that way? You may still have those aches and pains and loss of smell.

Then there are groups that have even more issues. You may feel really tired like the last group and have that same loss of smell but now you are adding to that level. You have the chest pains and cough to go with it.

So really the only tried and true way to know if you truly have the virus is to get tested since there are just way too many different symptoms that can point you in the direction. Really the only symptoms that most people have in common were headaches and the loss of taste or smell. So if you feel this could be you go and get tested to be sure.

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