If you are like most people and sit at a desk when you are working there are some pitfalls to that.

It seems we sit a lot more than we used to and it really is taking a toll on our bodies. When you spend too much time sitting here are some bad things that are happening to us.

Do you notice that you have more back and neck pain then usual? Sitting for hours upon hours can do that to you. The disc in your spine start to compress. That compression can lead to neck and back issues. This is especially true if you have bad posture.

You can end up feeling a bit more of the depression and anxiety. The worst part is it could be a snowball effect. The more you sit then the less you will feel like moving. That makes you even more depressed. We also tend to overeat and watching too much TV which can definitely lead to that never ending issue.

Sitting too much can lead to weaker bones. The more you move around it actually prompts your body to replace the old bone tissue. If you sit around that doesn't happen and you will end up with weaker bones.

Another problem that sitting too much can lead to is blood clots. When you are sitting all day your blood ends up moving slower through your legs. That can cause blood clots. If one of those clots breaks off it can end up in your heart or brain and can kill you.

The easiest way to keep yourself healthy at a job where you have to sit....is to force yourself to get up and get moving. Set a reminder on your phone. Take a walk to the bathroom. Walk up a flight or two of stairs. Just move around.


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