Why is it so hard to sleep? Especially when I bet it is one of your favorite things to do. Sleep is so magical. It really is.

When you can't sleep is there anything you can do? Researchers at the University of Texas actually studied over 5,000 previous studies actually linked water-based activities with sleep quality. There was a lot of evidence that if you take a hot bath before bed it can actually help you fall asleep faster.

All it takes is soaking in a hot bath. That sounds magical.The reason that is works is because it improves you circulation. That starts moving heat away from your core.Which then lowers your body temperature.

A lower body temperature is great for sleep. Did you know that your body runs a little cooler at night? Usually a degree or two lower than when we are awake. So if you take a bath at night it ends up giving you a head start on that.

You can end up falling asleep on average 10 minutes faster if you take a bath. The thing is there are a few things you need to consider.

The bath you take needs to be about 90 minutes before you are wanting to go to bed. Any earlier and you risk your body temperature going up. If you wait and take it right before you want to go to bed it won't have a chance to lower your body temperature.

You want to also make sure that the water is hot, but not too hot. The sweet spot is between 104 and 109 degrees. So you want that water to be lukewarm. It should not feel like it is burning you.

Have you tried this technique? Does it work for you? Comment below.


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