You have a huge meeting coming up. You have been going over your talking points. You are nervous. You have to get through this. Is there something you can do to help?

This may seem strange but a new study from the Journal of Sports Science has found a trick that can help you in this situation and others. What can you do?

Talk to yourself in the 2nd person. That may seem strange but keep repeating "You can do this!" It is more effective that saying "I can do this"! Try it and see if it gets you pumped up.

The researchers looked at how a group of different cyclists pumped themselves up for a bunch of races and it worked for them. So the thought process is if it can work in a sports related situation it can work in other's as well.

The cyclists who talked to themselves in the 2nd person consistently did better. They also ended up finishing their races faster. Now they were not sure why this was so successful.

It could be because maybe it tricks you into thinking someone from the outside is cheering you on. Sort of like a coach or a parent. When that happens it puts you in a more disciplined mindset and pushes you to do even better.

Next time you have a big meeting, speech or even a game try it out. See if you are able to face it easier.


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