Now here we are and only the really young kiddos don't have a phone. Oh but trust me they know how to use them. They can find a YouTube video probably faster than you can. Try it and see.

So now that these phones have basically taken over our lives we really have some anxieties about them. I mean leave for work without it and tell me what a panic stricken mode you seem to go into.

Or how did you feel that one time you didn't have phone service. Or you know that time you dropped it and broke the screen making it almost unusable. There are several instances where I am sure you have been in a similar situation.

How did you feel? Do you also seem to find yourself constantly checking your phone? I know I do.Is the fear of missing out on a story? Or a reply on Facebook. You have been there. You don't need to check your phone but really you do NEED to.

Here are some moments that we will find ourselves in and we will find ourselves reaching for that phone.

Picture yourself in an awkward situation. You have been there. You are walking in Westgate Mall and one of those people working the kiosk's wants to stop and talk to you about a line of skin care or something. You really don't have time. So do you find yourself grabbing for your phone to mess with it and avoid the conversation? A lot of people do that. You are not alone.

Unoccupied time is another moment we grab for our phones. Maybe you are waiting in line at Market Street. Do you find yourself looking at your phone to avoid being bored? Yep, it happens.

How do you handle it when you are expecting a message or notification? Not very well, huh? Well most of us don't. We tend to check our phones even more. The anticipation just kills us.

So whatever the reason or "excuse" we use to pick up the phone just know it is something we tend to all do.

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