Kids are back in school.. Some kids were dropped off for the first time to college. You have a lot of fears when you drop them off.

Will they study. Will they make smart choices? Did you ever think that the amount of Tuna Fish they ate would be something you would have to worry about? No? Well of course not. Apparently though it should be a concern....depending on how much they eat.

There was a survey done this past summer that found most college kids didn't know that tuna is loaded with mercury because of pollution. So if they eat A LOT of tuna they are also ingesting a lot of mercury.

The problem with too much mercury? It can cause anxiety, mood changes, memory problems, and even depression. If you get high amounts of mercury it can mess with your vision, hearing, motor skills and speech. It could even kill you.

Why is this a problem for college kids? Well tuna is pretty cheap and you can make a lot of meals with it. So some college kids are eating tuna up to 20 times a week. That comes out to almost 3 servings per day.

The survey said that an adult should only eat chunk light tuna twice per week and solid white albacore less than once a week. The reason? It's because the sold white albacore comes from a bigger type of fist and they tend to have more mercury.

Bigger fishes live longer and absorb more of the mercury. So now Tuna is dangerous to eat. Who would have ever imagined that?


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