We are wearing masks more and more these days. So we want to keep our masks clean. We need them sterilized and doing their job. So I was searching online and I found a site that helped you keep your face masks clean.

It belonged to the Department of Homeland Security. Oh, and they posted a video on how you can actually do that using an Instant Pot. Yes, that same pot you use to make roasts, ribs, yogurt, and easy to peel hard boiled eggs. What can this thing not do?

You  can watch the video HERE. Basically this talks about cleaning your mask if it is an N95 mask and the Instant Pot in question has to be a newer version with the "sous vide." function.

All you will need after that is the steaming rack and a small paper bag. You will need to put about a half of inch of water in the pot. Insert said steaming rack. This is when you will put your mask in the bag. Place said bag on the steaming rack. Make sure the bag is closed. You can fold it a few times.

Now is when you close the lid and set your Instant Pot to 149 degrees. That is where you need the sous vide function. Set the time for thirty minutes and start that baby up. That will be enough time to sanitize the mask.

After the pot shuts off take the mask out of the bag and let it dry for about an hour. Now this tip is for the N95 mask but I don't see how you can't just put all of your masks in the Instant pot and set it normally for 30 minutes.....or probably would be better on steam/sanitize. I mean if you don't want to start up the washing machine. I may have to try this. A clean mask is a happy mask.

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