OK so we get a ton of email. Some is work related while other is our own personal accounts we check.

There are some people, that stress me out, who have thousands of unread emails. I mean who are these people. How can you just go through life without a care in the world? OK....I really must admit I am somewhat envious of these people too.

I don't know if this carries over to work email too but let me tell you I am constantly checking my work email accounts. I have access to both work places on my phone. What would I do if one of them said "You can no longer check your email at home?"

I feel I would have a panic attack. I get the whole argument that you have to be able to separate work from home life. I get we need to keep that balance healthy. I am just not that type of personality. I like to keep active and check all email just so I know I am always in the loop.

Luckily there is research to back me up a bit. The results show that it can be BAD for our wellbeing if companies decided to ban us from this process.

They feel that we need to be able to deal with checking the email in the way that suits us and our personalities. So some of us can walk in every day with 50 unread messages while other's just the thought of that breaks us out in hives.

So for those who can turn off the work brain when they get home.....good for you. I really do envy you. For those of us who can't? I'll be right there with you at 2:30 am in the morning just making sure I don't have any unread work emails. You know what though? I feel OK about that.


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