Do you know what kind of person you are? I mean I know you are a good person. That is not the type of person I am talking about.

I mean are you a morning person? Nope you say. How about a night owl? Is that you? What if you don't fit in either of those categories? Are you out of luck?

Turns out no you are not. We know already that morning people are most alert in the morning. Those night owls of course are best at night. There are 2 other types of people that we don't usually hear about but you may be in one of these groups.

How about afternoon people. These people are most alert from around 11 am until about 5 pm. Still doesn't sound like you. Maybe you are a napper. This group is alert in the mornings, then they end up fading hard about 11 am. Then they get a second wind after 3 pm. Now if they can sneak in a nap they are golden.

Do either of these new groups sound more like you? Now researcher say that our productivity at work could increase so much and help companies out so much if they embraced our sleep type. How great would productivity be if we worked in our peak hours?

The morning people can go to work early in the morning. Those night owls can go in much later. Then we have those afternoon people will get their most work done in those hours and nappers can go in midday.

Oh and those naps could help everyone.

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