It's time to get ready for bed. Get stuff picked up around the house. Say goodnight to the kiddos. You let your dog out one more time before you all go to sleep. The hope is that they can make it through the night without another trip outside. Fingers crossed.

Where does your dog end up sleeping? Do they sleep with you? If so that is not bad at all. In fact you possibly sleep better because of it. It doesn't even matter if they sleep in your bed or just on the know in a doggy bed next to you. The benefits are the same.

The crazy part was it doesn't even matter how big your dog is or how much of the bed they take up. You would think that would make you sleep terrible...bur really it has the opposite effect. It's actually soothing for you to have them near.

Why is that? We find it much more comforting having a pet sleep with us. We also seem to have a sense of security as well. It is also a guilt thing. We end up being away from our pets so much during the day. Our workload and home demands keep us away. So we want to maximize our time with our pets when we are at home.

So we get ready for bed and have our dog come in and sleep with us. It's OK and you will probably get a better nights sleep because of it.

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