I have said this time and time again. As a whole we have a hard time sleeping. You can definitely tell that by getting on Facebook late at night and see who else is up.

I guarantee there are a lot of people. Especially if you check it out on a Sunday night. It seems all of Amarillo is awake. Not where we want to be. We long for sleep time. We really do.

What if we can play a game and win at sleeping? This could be pretty cool.

Remember a few years back when Pokemon Go was a big deal? I mean it got kids and adults moving around the city. It seemed everyone was playing. It was great seeing so many people enjoying the idea of walking. We all know how healthy that can be.

Even if it was a game that made it happen, that is OK. Whatever made us move was great. Well now they are back at it.

The new game coming out will be called Pokemon Sleep. Leave it to Pokemon to help us in our quest. Basically this game will measure how long you sleep and how deep that sleep is. When you wake up it will gauge your success.

You will wake up with Pokemon characters as your reward. I am not sure how much this will help us adults who would love to be asleep instead of tossing and turning. I do have a feeling this will make sleeping cool for kids.

I mean the more they sleep the more they win. I think I like this game. I would like it better if it helped get me a good solid 7 hours of sleep every night.

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