So remember back in the day when school wouldn't start until after Labor Day? Yeah, those days are long gone. It started to seem though that school would start earlier and earlier each year.

It almost seemed like there wasn't much of a summer. So parents that have to work have a lot to work in during a short time period. I mean especially if they wanted to take a vacation.

So for as long as I can remember school has started the 2nd week of  August. I shouldn't really complain because my nephew in Phoenix starts the 1st week in August. I just can't even.

So recently the Amarillo Independent School District Board met and they voted to start school a bit later this coming school year. The parents of Amarillo can rejoice. They approved the calendar for 2020/2021 school year.

So this coming year the kiddos will start back on August 20th. It's a Thursday which OK I guess the kids need to ease back into it. This current school year they began on August 13th so an extra week of summer joy. The school year will end on May 28th which is still before Memorial Day. That holiday falls on the 31st that year.

The kiddos will still enjoy their time off for holidays during the school year. They will have Labor Day, Columbus Day, The Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving, two weeks for Christmas and New Year, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, their week for Spring Break and Good Friday all off.

So all hail the upcoming school year. Here is to an extra week of summer fun....take that time to get that back to school shopping done just a little later. It's a good day.

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