So here I am in the final few days of the weight loss challenge here at work. This started in January and final weigh in is Friday.

It's a good Friday indeed. On top of being Good Friday. I finally will know how I am doing. If I will win for the 3rd time. I know I said this before but I am very competitive. Two Friday's ago we got our updated totals. My code name is "No Soup for You".

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So here I am sitting in 2nd place among the women a couple weeks ago. The women are beating the men overall. Which is amazing I will add. I know many guys who can lose weight at a drop of a hat.....while us women are struggling. So I do take that as a huge accomplishment.

I will tell you I take this to a whole new level the final week of the challenge. A friend of mine suggested one year what I could do to lose a chunk of weight that last week. I have done this ever since.

I follow a wrestler's weight cutting routine. I start a few days out and drink 2 gallons of water a day! I even carry around the water in gallons so I don't forget to drink. I get many at work meetings tease me about how thirsty I must be.

Two days out I cut my water intake to just one gallon. The tough part (and I DO mean it is really tough) is that 24 hours before weigh in I do not drink ANY water until I get off the scale. I know that sounds drastic. Oh and it is! Probably not the healthiest but again I am competitive.

As far as food goes here is what I eat.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I have an Herbalife shake for breakfast and a Think Thin protein bar for dinner both are loaded with protein. Oh and don't forget my water throughout the day.

For lunch I go Downtown Amarillo to the Delvin's location and get a kids meal. I get turkey and green beans. I always ask for no bread!

So if everything turns out how I hope I usually lose up to 10 pounds that last week. So hopefully that happens this year too and I end up winning. Don't worry I go about the healthy way to get my fluids back to normal.

I drink a Gatorade as soon as I weigh in and go back to my normal day. Here is to another successful weight loss challenge ending on Friday. I will keep you posted.