Can I say that it really does suck to grow older. Though I will say that it sure beats the alternative. So a few years ago I took a big step and planned my funeral. I know. I hate to think about that. It was a nice thing to do for my daughter.

Since I only have one child and I didn't want her to have to worry about any of that while she is also grieving. This past week I took another big girl step. I signed up for Life Insurance/Long Term Healthcare. Since of course, if I ever have to go to a nursing home, I don't want Faith to have to worry about the expense of that too. I know, if needed, I will hopefully have Social Security but this hopefully will afford me something a bit nicer.

As you grow older you start thinking about these things. In the past year I got to deal with high blood pressure.....and it's not just my Type A personality that was making my heart beat so fast. Nope it was my blood pressure. So I went from just having my one and only doctor that I saw regularly to a list of them. I really only saw my girly doctor and now for the first time I have an actual Family Physician. I never get sick or go to the doctor. That is not true now. I also have a Thyroid Doctor that I got a couple years back. Oh and yesterday I now have a dermatologist I have to see once or twice a year. Yep they found one area that they think is skin cancer.

So add that to my growing list. I feel like I am falling apart and I haven't even hit fifty yet. So yes signing up for Long Term Healthcare is a safe bet. If I need it....I have it. If I don't it will be money that goes to my daughter when I pass. It is smart to think ahead and save family that worry.

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