Where is your phone? Do you panic a little when you forget it at home? Do you have to rush home to get it? How did we survive before smart phones were a thing?

We have really become way too dependent on our phones? Don't you think?

Here are a few ways to cut those ties and make it a little easier to live without your phone....ok well to try to not feel so addicted to it anyway.

1. Turn off notifications. Only get the ones that are actually urgent or job/family related.

2. Be mindful about scrolling. It's SO easy to lose track of time when you're scrolling through endless Facebook or Instagram posts.

3. Don't use apps for everything. You end up using your notes feature to jot down a few things you need to remember and what happens? You use that note later on but then head over to Facebook and there goes another hour.

4. Let friends and family call you out. They are your biggest critic and will tell you to put that phone down!

5. Make your screen black and white. Yes you can do that. Studies show that those bright colors are a big part of why we're so addicted.

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