That time of year is almost here. You know that time that it seems we are eating all the time? Yes, the holidays.

It is worse if you are an emotional eater. I mean emotions run really high this time of year so it tends to make it tough.. This is the time of year when we tend to use food to comfort us.

So if you are an emotional eater here are some things to look for and hopefully if you notice them you can keep yourself from doing just that.

Do you find yourself eating just because you are bored? I mean you are not hungry. You know this but it seems that eating will give you that something to do.

You may even look to food because you are sad. This may be tough but try to notice these triggers and do something else to distract you. If you are eating because you are the end you will only feel worse.

This time of year it seems every event, party, get-together we go to involves food. Socializing can also prompt you to overeat especially if you have social anxiety. If this is the case try to keep an eye on what you are eating and even how much.

Another problem we face is how we were raised. Good grades? Hey lets grab a pizza. You got your chores done without being asked? How about ice cream? If we were rewarded with food growing up. You may still do that. Reward yourself another way. It doesn't always have to be "bad for you" food.

So you decide that yep you are an emotional eater and you tend to eat even when you are not hungry.....but what can you do? Try to find things to distract you from eating. Go for a walk......clean the a friend.....anything to keep that food out of your mouth.

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