You have been trying everything to get the holiday weight off. It's been a battle but you are going to win!

What could be the leading force to why the weight won't go away? How have you been sleeping?

Studies have found that poor sleep can cause you to be hungrier than normal AND could cause you to burn fewer calories during a workout. Yes, lack of sleep!

Never fear though, there are some habits that can help you get that much needed sleep and help you along the way to your weight loss goals.

Do you sleep with your pets? There has been research that found having your furry friends in bed with you can improve your shut eye. Snuggling with your kitty or pup can help you feel more secure as you rest. So getting to and staying asleep with your animal can give you the rest you need.

Are you one, like I am, that is chronically sleepy? Well a nap may be the culprit. You need to try to resist the call of the couch or bed for a quick nap. Research has found that snoozing during the day, when you can't seem to fall asleep at night is a no-no. A nap will make you less tired and then you won't be able to doze off after sunset.

So as you look at the scale in the morning and wondering why you are not losing as fast as you feel you should. Look towards your sleep habits and decide if your lack of sleep is hurting you on the scale!

Are you guilty of taking naps? Are you unable to sleep at night? Are you having trouble losing the weight? Comment below.

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