Growing up we spent a lot of time outdoors. We played until the sun went down. Nowadays we may not get as much time outdoors....but we really need to.

You may know Vitamin D by its nickname.....the sunshine vitamin. The more time you spend outdoors the more Vitamin D you get. The more Vitamin D you get the more cortisol you have.

Cortisol helps take away your stress. Some studies show you only need 5 minutes of outdoor physical activity to greatly improve your mood and self-esteem....and alleviate that depression.

That good ol' sunshine also goes a long way with helping fight off those illnesses too. It helps prevent the common cold, helps you get better sleep and helps increase your concentration.

Of course I know it's not as easy to squeeze in outdoor time like it was when we were kids.....but the weekend is upon us. Make it your goal to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

Remember that when it comes to our overall well-being....that fresh air can give you a fresh perspective on healthy living.

What are your plans this weekend? How do you plan to get outdoors?

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