Looking at the calendar and seeing we about halfway through October now we know winter is just around the corner. Is the thought of laying in bed all snug as a bug seem like a dream right now. Oh how good that feels.

Do you even find it harder to get up and going in the morning during those winter months. How many times do you think I just want to stay in bed? If you find yourself doing that a lot when it is cold you are not alone.

If you just can't imagine getting out of bed and ready for work you are in the majority. Oh and just know it is science keeping you in bed. We just have a harder time waking up during the winter months.

We have a part in our brain that is activated by daylight in the morning. During the winter we get shut back down by the cold. Our brains need that sunlight to get going. It gets lighter out later in the morning if at all. So when we are missing that sudden boost we just have a hard time getting up and going.

We may need to make our coffee a bit stronger during these next few cold months. We may need to jump in the shower each morning. What else can you do to wake your brain up? Comment below.


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