I know that just the idea of spiders can make your skin crawl. I am right there with you. My first inclination is to squish one when I see them. I even know you are really not supposed to do that.

I know spiders have their purpose. They do have a benefit. Spiders help keep the other bugs in check. It's just when I think of spiders I think of that tarantula crawling up Peter Brady while he was sleeping on The Brady Bunch.

credit CBS Youtube
credit CBS Youtube

So the thought of purposely seeking them out kind of gives me the creeps. Now the other side of this is that I have to admit something I read on Facebook kind of also intrigued me.

There is going to be a Walking with Spiders event at Palo Duro Canyon this Friday evening.

OK So What Does That Really Mean?

Well you bring a flashlight and you head out to Palo Duro Canyon. The fun is from 8pm until 9:30pm. OK now what? When you get there you will meet the group and get a quick overview on spiders you will be taught how to find them with flashlights.

Ok interesting. Then you will take a hike and start looking for Wolf spiders. So this could be pretty interesting. The cost is just the entry to the park. So if you have kids that are interested in stuff like this it could be a fun family event.

Wolf spiders are members of the family Lycosidae in web

More than likely something you have never done before. HERE is all the info from the Facebook event page.

Things You Should Know:
Meet: At the Soapberry Day Use Area.
Bring: Comfortable walking/hiking shoes or boots (they will get sandy), 1 liter of water per person per mile, weather appropriate clothing (jackets, etc.), and a headlamp/flashlight for finding spiders.
Cost: Included with admission to the park. Park admission is free with a Texas State Park Pass (purchased before event).

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