To say my dog has had a rough 2020, along with the rest of us, is an understatement. Poor girl has gone through some crazy life changes. We had to put her sister to sleep in February. Chipper still doesn’t understand where her Cinnamon could be. That’s been a tough one.
She hurt her leg in July. She can’t walk on one of her back legs. The only option to fix it is surgery. I’m afraid at her age that will be even tougher on her.
I got her a thunder shirt to calm her down from her anxiety from losing her sister. Oh and the vet put her on a diet.
So all in all 2020 has been “ruff” on her too. Her vet, Dr Wolfe, said if she is hungry I can give her some green beans or carrots in between meals.
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So I got to looking online about actually making her food. I liked the idea that I controlled what was in her diet.
So I went to Market Street and bought supplies to cook for Chipper. I bought a package of chicken thighs for around $5. I also got a few cans of veggies...all with no salt.
I got home and cooked the chicken in my instant pot. When it was done cooking I removed the skin and shredded the chicken. I cooked up some rice I had and added it to the chicken. Then I added a can of carrots and a can of peas.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
I let it sit out to cook down until it was dinner time. I fed Chipper a little less than a cup of my homemade dog food oh and boy did she love it. I mean it was totally good for her. I could eat it too if I wanted too. I sure wouldn't ever try her canned dog food or a bite of the dry food but this stuff I know I could.
I had some hamburger meat in my freezer that needed to be used up fast. So I made another round of food. This time I added green beans, carrots and rice to the mixture. I also decided to dish them up into single servings so I could put them in the freezer. I just take them out when needed.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
I love that it was easy to make....the ingredients cost me less than $7. This food should last me about a I feel for the healthiness for my dog on a diet this may be the way to go. She will not get this every week but it will be my go to a lot more now.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

As you can tell she obviously loves it.