Lady Gaga has had fluctuating weight for a while, both before and after her hip surgery -- and she's scared that the focus will be on her body and not her new album, 'ARTPOP.'

Gaga gained some weight both during and after her Born This Way Ball-ending hip injury -- and understandably so -- and she was scared that the same cruel scrutiny she faced during that time would come back tenfold if she wasn't toned to promote her highly anticipated (and highly hyped) new record.

She told Ryan Seacrest, "Well you know, I had to get back in shape, but to be fair I have never cared about my weight … it's other people that care. I do fear at times that if I’m not in shape, people will talk about that and not my music."

Gaga's claim that she doesn't care about her weight is an intriguing one, considering she once claimed to be bulimic, a claim which she endorsed by posting triggering photos of herself in her underwear.

In any case, Gaga dealt with the pressures to be thin by doing yoga -- naked.

She explained of her bizarre Marina Abramovic video, "We did a series of different techniques and exercises that are her specific philosophy ... you begin with sound and clean out the sound energy in our bodies and cleanse the palate of you as a life force."


She continued, "Then she spent a lot of time putting me through other various exercises, like she left me in the woods for three hours blindfolded and I had to find my way home … and I kept walking towards a cliff, so she kept grabbing me."

Anyone else wondering what would have been so bad about a treadmill?

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