You always hear how smiling is good for you. You smile and the world smiles with you. This may not always be the best case for you.

If you are one that fakes it until you make it this could lead to other problems. Maybe you have a job where you have to put your best smile forward. You always have to look the part. The bad thing about that is it could lead you to drinking more when you get off the clock.

That so called service with a smile might not always be the best policy. That is especially true if your boss worries about your best health and mind. A new study found that forcing that smile for your customer may force you to drink away your pain.

The study that was done looked at the type of jobs you associate with smiling for your customers such as being a teacher, nurse, and even fast food workers.

The study behind this conclusion is that we all have a limited amount of self control each and every day. If you have to spend most of the day forcing that smile for your customers then you have used it all. If you have to fake being happy and work it leads to not having any self control after work. Hence you may end up drinking way too much.

If this is something you have a problem with then maybe it is time to find a better fit for you. You need to really like your job and not just hope to make it through it. That does nothing for your well being.

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