It's true! Not many of us really like to do chores. I mean it's a chore! It's in the name! It's not necessarily fun and can take a huge chunk out of your day.

What if I tell you that all that time spent is not for waste. Doing chores is actually good for you and your house. Doing chores can keep your brain young. Yes, it's true.

Research has been done! I promise. I can stand behind this. Even doing a light amount of physical activity can help your brain stay young. Just so you know that yes, housework does count as light activity. Woo hoo!

You want to fight off the chance of dementia and aging. The good news is you don't have to do a grueling workout for that. You can say good bye to the hardcore physical activity for that. Just know though that if you step up the activity it does, in fact, help you more. Any help we can get is great!

So if you are looking to get the kids or the husband to help out more around the house. Hey maybe here is an angle? Let them know that the researchers agree that cleaning the house keeps their brain young and active. I mean it could help!


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