I guess I never really thought about this. Beards have really became a hit among men and woman alike.

A lot of men love how it keeps their face warm in the winter. Some women love how manly it makes their guy look. There are good and bad to everything. So I don't want to be the bearer of bad news.

Oh and hopefully this does not relate to you or your loved one. Just please take some time when you are in the shower to really wash that beard. Whether you use something special to make it all soft and such. Just make sure you use some sort of soap, shampoo or something.

It turns out that men's beards are more likely to be filled with germs and bacteria even more than dog fur.

You know those creatures that roll around in the dirt? They also lick themselves a lot and just eat a bunch of gross things off the ground. Oh but they are cleaner than that beard your sweetie may be wearing.

So let's not let that be a thing. Please take the time in the shower to really scrub, scrub, scrub! Let's make sure that is not an issue.

How do you or your guy keep that beard sparkling clean? Any particular soap or cleaner? Comment below!


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