I'm not that old. I'm not. I do know that if I don't get my hair done every now and then I may have a head full of gray. Why is that? I have a child. Duh! Having kids it great but they do stress us out a bit.

We know that the stress we endure does tend to turn our hair gray. That is not a shocker. The thing is we just found out why that is the case.

It took the fine scientists at Harvard to figure out the why. It's part of our sympathetic nervous system. That is the part of our body that is in charge of our "fight or flight" response when we encounter stress.

So when that part of us gets activated that is when it produces a chemical that turns on our hair. It attacks the cells that is in charge of coloring our hair.

When we end up in that state enough it turns our hair gray for good. The good thing though is it has been a trend of the youngsters to go to a salon and get the gray treatment themselves. So the positive is if we stress enough to turn us totally gray we can, in fact, be in style.

So what is not to love about that? All the fashion and none of the cost of the salon.


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