Do you ever sit there and think....gosh this has GOT to get easier? Life is what I am talking about. Apparently there is a time that it does!

So there is hope!

According to a new study that time is when you turn 44! Yep that is the magical age.

This same study found out that we stress A LOT in our 20's. What do we stress about? Finding a job, saving money and even dating seems to top the list. When you make it to your 30's there are still stresses. They tend to be about career and family.

In your early 40's you are still not over the hump. You are still searching for that work-life balance, you worry about your relatives getting older and on top of all about planning for your future.

Apparently magically at 44 things finally start to turn around. Everything gets figured out and you can finally start relaxing.

The best thing about this age is that you finally start going on nice vacations....earning good money.....driving a nicer car and knowing really what is worth the worry....and what is not!

Just wait though! Your 50's will soon be upon you and that is when you stop caring about what people think about you. In your 60's is when you can start concentrating on retiring and having your house paid off.....ooh and those grandkids!


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