The news came out yesterday that Forever 21, the popular clothing store, was filing for bankruptcy. With that announcement there would be store closings.

What is going to happen to the location in Westgate Mall here in Amarillo? I needed to know. For the longest time my daughter, Faith and I would make every attempt while travelling to find the closest Forever 21. It didn't matter where we were I would get on Google Maps to find the closest locations. We went to some really neat ones. The two story ones were my favorite. We could get lost in the one in Phoenix.

So when the news finally came that Amarillo would be getting one....yes we were thrilled. Finally! It was an OK location. Not the greatest. Not the biggest. So the selection wasn't always the best. We did shop there anyway. We finally had a Forever 21.

Then yesterday came


For once Amarillo made a list. Not the one we wanted. Yes our location in Westgate Mall is among the 178 closing.

I guess the only thing we do have to look forward to now is the Going Out Of Business Sale. No more running in to do Back to School shopping to hear "Parent's Just Don't Understand" playing overhead just to have the chance to sing along and embarrass my child. Oh the memories.

Luckily we still have locations in the Dallas area to visit. They are not all closing.Oh and here is another place that Lubbock beat us! They are keeping their location too. So I guess that will be the closest one now.

It was nice while it latest Amarillo.


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