I knew this weekend was coming, It did not make things easier for this mom. I am talking about the time I needed to move my daughter to Dallas.

It came and went oh so fast. I ended up renting a UHaul. I am highly happy that I did. I contemplated how to handle the move. I mean I knew she had a lot of stuff. She really did. Especially for just a one bedroom apartment.

So I opted to hire movers on both ends. My logic was if I hired movers here in Amarillo then guess what? I can work all day on Friday and have the truck ready to go bright and early Saturday morning. I tried to make this as easy and stress free as possible.

I tried! It didn't always work out that way. I mean I had to drive a 15 foot UHaul truck. I have never done that before. So I will now cross that off my bucket list. When we took off on Saturday I couldn't believe how windy it was. I mean I had a death grip on the steering wheel. I mean I don't know how people drove during that killer wind we had a couple weeks ago. This wind was enough.

The drive to Dallas was pretty uneventful. Until we got to Wichita Falls. That was where after we stopped for gas.....and I had to pull out of gas station. I was trying to wait for Faith to get behind me when a car STOPPED on the access road instead of just pulling in....so I had to go.

I didn't realize that Faith didn't get right behind me. That was until she called me in a panic. She was on 287 Business and I was on 287. In Wichita Falls that is a big deal. She couldn't find where to get back on. So i told her I would get to the next logical gas station and let her know where. Then she could put in her GPS and come find me. It took awhile but we were back in business.

Then we got to Decatur. Thank you for that memorable experience. I mean we were getting close to our destination when I saw the flashing lights behind me. Yep, I was being pulled over!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I'm not sure if I was just in a zone and eye was on the prize. My final destination. Or that fact that we just turned where I needed to get to be on Highway in Decatur. It was a work zone and apparently I didn't slow down fast enough.

Now mind you I feel the officer was a little let down that I was just a mom moving her daughter to Dallas. I think he was secretly hoping for a UHaul full of drugs. Yeah, but that didn't happen. I was quite the disappointment. So a few minutes later  I was back and on my way with a warning.

A mom and her mission to get her daughter all moved.

To Be Continued........

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