I have been on the weight loss challenge since early January. Good Friday was the Final Weigh In! It was been a long few months.

I start every year knowing I need to lose weight. I take this challenge seriously. I do! I do like to get healthy. That is number one priority. I would have to say that winning really is also high on that list. I am very competitive.

For whatever reason I am really monetarily motivated. I guess that is why I work as many jobs as I do. Three as of right now (Here at Mix 94.1, Happy State Bank and Amarillo Bulls).

So I spent all last week trying to lose the last few pounds I needed. I started a very aggressive regimen. Lots of water early in the week teamed up with lots of protein. I ended Thursday with NO water and only a couple of protein bars. I will say that is my toughest challenge. Going without water is the worst!

I spent that 24 hours rinsing my mouth out so I didn't have dry mouth while I was on the radio. I was not giving in and drinking even a drop.

I weighed in yesterday just to see how I was standing. I had already lost 3.7 pounds since last Friday's weigh in. So my regimen was already working. I also knew that my 2 main ladies in the top 3 with me already weighed in for the week. I knew with yesterday's loss I was close to winning. It just gave me a little more incentive.

I even went to a close friend's going away party yesterday afternoon and refrained from having any of the drinks or food. I was determined.

I got to Happy State Bank this morning and went to weigh in. Right away! After my strategy I was actually down 5.3 pounds since yesterday. So a total of 9 pounds since last Friday. Which turned out a total of 25.3 pounds since January. A successful weight loss challenge. I lost 13.9% since the beginning.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM


So yes all that water I had to drink and protein I ate....even the day of drinking no water was worth it! It really was.


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